About Us 

 Welcome to the Marriages Band website! Created and established by Marriages Band fans in order to give them full support in their music career. Here, you will find information about Marriages Band, their upcoming albums, and events. You can also buy here all of the Marriages Band merchandise — from CDs to shirts, postcards and concert tickets, and more. 


Back in 2011, while we are having a break from school, a group of friends and I suddenly found ourselves admiring the newly formed Marriages Band. We were shooting with their amazing vocals and great songs. With the love we want to give for this group, given that we are living in the same city, we found a perfect way to help them promote and support their band which you are experiencing today. 


We know how hard it is for the fans to find information about your favorite artists. Likewise, the difficulties of promoting the albums and events of the new artists are the things we really understand. Therefore, these fans and artists need to be brought into one place. Through this Marriages Band’s fan page, you will find an ongoing list of upcoming local events and latest collection of merchandise. 


We are the first and now one that features the largest collections of their merchandise and events in America to help you quickly discover and experience them. Our social platform helps you connect and engage with Marriages Band. Our work and yours help shine more light on this brilliant, aspiring artist. 


We encourage you to support our local artist Marriages Band. We guarantee that you will never regret listening to their songs. Please visit our website daily to get more updates on this amazing band from Houston, TX. You can find here all the schedules of their shows, concerts, TV guestings, magazines and where can buy their merchandise, CDs, and albums.