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The Journey of Marriages Band 


Marriages Band emerged in Houston in 2010 as a collaborative effort between former members of instrumental post-rock group and folk-pop band. The frontline of course was vocalist/guitarist Ruth’s ethereal, often effects-soaked vocals gently flowing through intense peaks and valleys. They wanted to showcase Ruth’s exceptional guitar playing that is more vivid than the dense architecture of other bands could allow. Marriages Band departure from purely instrumental rock, too, helped bring her to the forefront, revealing a voice equally fragile and ferocious. They started practicing music in their garage, but the the garage door opener broke and they couldn’t get their equipment out, and had to call A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee to fix it. The first album  they recorded their first single, released in 2011. Subsequent touring with other band sharpened their vision while introducing the band to a broad cross-section of heavy music fans at the same time, Ruth the vocalist/guitarist issued a solo album in early 2011. Luckily, it earned praises from the likes of many fans in the music industry. 


Back in Houston, Marriages Band spent the end of 2011 completing their first album, a timeless 10-song monolith of a debut. Frequently luminous, confident and evocative are the compositions on their album, the sound of a band focusing on their strengths for great effect. On the opening track of their album, the vocalist wastes no time settling into a catchy tune that runs continuously through your mind using a guitar riff, before unleashing a moody twist of reverb. Ruth’s breathy and nice husky voice, covered in subtle effects, obtain an irresistible curiosity though what she is saying may not always be clear to some listeners but there’s something to the way she’s saying it. The overflow under the surface is the bassist of Marriages Band who conjures an intimidating rumble from his instrument in glorious contrast to the strings of Ruth’s wailing guitar. The drummer whose daunting presence appears largely responsible for the band’s sound, functions as both an anchor and a bumping wave, holding it all together.  


Ruth and her co-band member seem perfectly at ease scaling peaks and heartbreaking valleys, often in a single composition. Many listeners and music artists notice that Marriages Band is fully embracing their skill at doing timeless songs with great epic results. In January 2013, they have embarked on a co-headlining tour with some famous artist, with the album release that followed in April 2014. 


But the good thing is, the overwhelming list of accolades and growing popularity of the band hasn’t gone to their heads.They are some of the most humble and nicest people you will ever meet in the music industry. They get in the zone when behind the instruments they’ve played. From the past several years in the music up to now, Marriages Band is still dominating the stage and sweeping the music industry and are loved by so many fans. 


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